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Life As I See It

Posted in Life with tags , on April 15, 2009 by codie0830


1. Caring is a wonderful gift that no one can buy. It is made up of love that roots in our hearts to make fruits of memory not just always but for a lifetime.

2. A great life is not about routine but doing something rare. To cherish and not to compare. To forgive, not to blame and to be loving without counting. Laugh at your mistakes but learn from them. Joke over your troubles but gather strength from them Have fun with your difficulties but overcome them.

3. The mind of God is different from the thoughts of man. As we follow Him, we discover that we lose to gain. Surrender to win, die to live. Give to receive, serve to reign. Scatter to reap. In weakness, we are made strong. In humility, we are lifted up & in emptiness, we are made full.

4. In life, you will never know what you’ve been missing until it arrives. And you will never know what you’ve got until its missing. Appreciate every little thing you have.

5. Before you start the day, just gently lay every troubled thought away. Drop burdens and cares in the quiet arms of prayer because God listens.

6. Jesus will knock on the door of your heart today. Looking for a place to stay, The moment you see Him, let Him in. Offer Him the best room in your heart.

7. Your good heart will tell you where to go. Your sharp mind will tell you how to get there. And your deep love for God will guide you on your way.

8. Life seems never the way we want it. But we must live it the best we can. There’s no such thing as a perfect life, on a life sprinkled with perfect moments.

9. Keep working with a good heart. You are worth not for what you have. Not even for who you are. But for what others have become because of you.

10. God is working in more ways than we ask Him. He;s doing more things for us than our faith can imagine. He makes all things beautiful. We are the living proof.

11. God understands that we are not strong all the time. Sometimes all we can do is rest on His arms as He takes us through the journey of life. With Him we are safe.

12. The Israelites saw Goliath and said: “He is so big, we cannot win.” David saw Goliath and said: “He is so big, I cannot miss.” Think positive. Believe.

13. Life is a paradox. What you want, you don’t get. What you get, you don’t enjoy. What you enjoy is not permanent. What is permanent is boring. Paradoxical, but its meant to build the best in you.

14. Live fully, have fun. Be crazy, be weird, go out & screw up! Don’t try to be perfect. Just be an excellent example of being human. Enjoy life.

15. The Lord never fails to give us new blessings every time we wake up. Waking up alive and well is already a miracle. A blessing we owe to Him.

16. Morning is God’s way of saying “one more time.” Live life. Make a difference. Touch one heart. Encourage one mind and inspire one soul.

17. Sunrise makes our morning beautiful. But the word of God strengthen us and makes our lives more meaningful. Smile and enjoy life with Jesus.

18. When God is involved, anything can happen. Be open. God has a beautiful way of bringing good situations out of broken chords.

19. The power of prayer will never leave you. Even in the darkest of times. It is the greatest weapon known to humankind. The freedom no one can take away.

20. May the Lord’s loving eyes watch over you as you do your work today. May His arms embrace you, His voice comfort you and His power protect you all day.

21. RISE & SHINE: Today’s diet: Zero in anger, more on patience, less on anxiety, more on hope, slow on bitterness, first in forgiveness. A blessed day!

22. I wish you woke up this morning realizing what a wonderful person you are. And the world is blessed to have you as a part of it. Enjoy life!

23. A close friend in Christ is someone who make you closer to Christ. Encourage youo to do what is right and has courage to tell your mistakes but help you to correct them.

24. Appreciate life even if its not a bed of roses. Contentment is not fulfillment of what you wished for but appreciation of what you have in God’s love.

25. When the time came, I listened to you. And when you needed help I cam to save you! -2Corinthians 6:2

26. Our purpose on earth is not to get lost in the dark in our journey through life. But to be a beacon of light so that others may find their way.

27. When you are sleeping, God gazes at you with love because you were His idea. He loves you as if you were the only person on earth.

28. The next time you admire the wonderful things God has made. Remember you’re one of them. Wonderful inside and out! You’re blessed! You’re special! You’re loved!

29. When God wants to make a mushroom, He does it overnight. But when He wants to make a giant oak tree, He takes a hundred years. Great souls are grown through struggles and storms and seasons of suffering. God is never in a hurry but He is always on time.

30. Dear soldire, I see that you are tired. I tell you, drop your sword and put down your shield. Why worry about the fight? After all its not your battle. Its mine. All you have to do is to be in the battle field. There against the thousand who tried to destroy you, there I will stand and rescue you. Winning this war requires neither only me nor only you. But rather, me and you. Just do your best and I’ll take care of the rest. Your commander, Jesus Christ.

31. Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets. So love the people who treat you right, forget about the ones who don’t. Believe that everything happens for a reason. Know a good thing when you see it and don’t let it slip away. If you get a chance, take it. If it changes your life, let it. Nobody said it would be easy, they just said it would be worth it.

32. Every sacrifice has a fruitful reward. Every failure has a second chance. We only have to be strong by God’s grace to persevere the tests of life.

33. Prayer isn’t an extra option nor is it a last resort when all other methods have failed. When man works, man works. But when man prays, God works.

34. Life is a continuous challenge, a constant struggle from womb to tomb. We are not made rich by what is in our pockets, but by what is in our hearts.

35. Everyday brings new chances to grow, new beauty to see, new plans to do & goals to pursue. Everyday is a step towards our dreams in life. Wishing you a fine happy morning.

36. A happy heart is a good medicine & a positive mind works healing. In your busy sched, don’t forget to smile and have a good laugh because it adds color to your life.

37. Never take someone for granted. Hold every person close to your heart because you might wake up one day and realize you’ve lost a diamond while you were busy collecting stones.

38. Its not necessary that all your efforts and sacrifices are recognized. As long as you know and God knows you did your best. Nothing more to say. Nothing more to prove.

39. when you run so fast to get somewhere, you miss the fun of getting there. Life is not a race so take it slower. Hear the music before the song is over.


40. a candle allows itself to be burned so that others may have light. May you always be on fire in bringing out the best in people.


41. life has many choices, if you canÂ’t have all, have some at least. If you canÂ’t be good, donÂ’t be bad. If you canÂ’t be totally happy, donÂ’t be completely sad. Enjoy life as it never leads back.


42. mornings are beautiful signs of hope. It was created by God to let us know that life doesnÂ’t end after the sunset/ every dawn is a new life, so wonderful!


43. never pray for an easier life, instead pray to be a stronger person. Never pray for tasks equal to your power but for power equal to conquer your tasks.


44. life isn’t like a train, that when you miss it, you can say, “I’ll catch the next one.” Never waste the opportunity to live it and have fun because this joyride passes just once.


45. begin the day with a trusting heart. Give all your concerns to God. Smile a moment and thank God for this new day. He cares for you all the way.


46. when youÂ’re down to nothing, God is up to something. Faith sees the invisible, believes the incredible, and receives the impossible. Keep up the faith.


47. sometimes we must get hurt in order to grow. We must fail in order to know. Sometimes our vision is clear only after our eyes are washed away with tears.


48. its tough to make a stand in this world where everyone expects you to be cool and in. but being a christian will not make you uncool, rather itÂ’s a chance to make yourself standout!


49. falling down doesnÂ’t make a person a failure. But staying down does. So always remember that no one is perfect and when you fail so hard, just bounce back higher.


50. no one is born happy but all of us are born with the ability to create happiness, just remember happiness is a state of mind and it depends on oneÂ’s attitude towards life, not on what one has.