Ignorance & Stupidity

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Don’t you hate it when people say things that are just plain stupid? Stupid because they’re wrong, they’re ignorant and they don’t know shit. When they try and talk about you, but don’t know you well enough but they say it anyway, maybe just to piss you off? Have you ever had that happen?

I’ve had. Just recently. It’s funny but very annoying. My closest friends know me. I fight back and say it how it is. I pity her, really, from the bottom of my heart I do. I wish I will never be in that position.

Marrying someone for the wrong reasons is wrong. It started wrong and it will inevitably end wrong too. So don’t blame me if your life is shit. You caused it, not me. Must be hard on you. Having someone who you know is not in love with you, will never be in love with you, but yes, maybe he did love you for a little while, but not whole heartedly, but still you believed you could change him. If you truly know him the way I do, it’s not gonna happen. Don’t compare yourself to me, coz you’re nowhere near me and you’re nothing like me. You can’t make him love you the way, he loves me. What we had is deeper than time and I know fate is behind us. Frustrating as it may be that we’re not together now, believe me when I say – we will be again.

People would like to say marriage is a blessing – blessed by God. True – if you were marriead for the RIGHT reasons. I’d like to think that God would bless the marriage if there was unconditional love between the two. But if you look closely to his heart, did it say your name? Are you the last person he thinks of when he closes his eyes? When he’s having a hard time at home, does he tell you? When he can’t take anymore of his life, does he confide in you? Does he tell you he loves you everyday without fail? Does he tell you, losing you would be like killing him? And that you’re his life?

I’m not a bad person. I’m only fighting for what was mine in the beginning.

So stop harassing me and get on with your life. If you think you have a reason to fight, then please do – but dont ever assume that I’ll give up. I just want a fair fight.


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