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Broken Promises & Broken Hearts

Posted in Love Hurt Broen Promises with tags , on April 17, 2009 by codie0830


Most women want a man who they can trust and who makes them feel safe and secure. Unfortunately, too many women have experienced the opposite in romantic relationships. They go into the relationship with their whole heart, only to find disappointment and heartache.

Sometimes things just don’t work out, but when the relationship crumbles because of unkept promises, it can break your heart. Nobody likes to be told something and then find out that it’s not going to happen. For example, take a spouse who promises to be home in time for dinner but is repeatedly late night after night. It’s not long before the confidence in his words are lost. Or what about the man who comes into your life and sweeps you off your feet with his charm and good looks, promising to love only you, but you find out that he’s got other women in his life who he is telling the same line.

When something is broken, there are usually two options–fix it or throw it away. That works on inanimate objects like a flower vase or a child’s toy, but try doing this with a broken promise or broken heart and you’ll realize rather quickly that these options do not easily apply.

If the promise can be fixed or made right, great! If not, an apology or explanation can go a long way—if it’s sincere and with remorse. Resiliency, understanding and forgiveness are the necessary components to get past broken promises. Sometimes trying to fix it makes it shatter into more pieces. It may be best to leave it as is and move on.

The best antidote to keep from getting your heart broken from broken promises is to take things slow and easy at first in a new relationship. Watch the actions of the person and see if their talk matches their walk. It usually doesn’t take long before you see a pattern of behavior that can serve as a warning that this is a heartbreak waiting to happen! Let those who are playing games, play them on another playground. Reserve your heart for someone worthy.